Revolutionizing the private secondaries market
with a holistic, yet traditional approach.

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Investing in tech potential or people is not enough. We invest in both.

With over 20 years of experience in investing in private companies, our team has a keen eye for spotting future unicorns that have the potential to disrupt entire industries. By leveraging our analytical due diligence, as well as our close relationships with early-stage VCs and founders, we're strategically positioned to increase the probability of success when investing in late-stage technology companies.

Our unique offering is the ability for accredited investors to co-invest alongside us in the fastest-growing companies, often at institutional valuations and with generous discounts from prior funding rounds.

Track record

Our successful track record is a testament to our expertise. Over the years, we've made profitable investments in a multitude of companies. Here are just a few examples of our past ventures.

Our team

We diligence widely, invest selectively.

At our firm, we believe in conducting thorough due diligence on a wide range of companies. However, we are highly selective when it comes to actually investing our capital. Our approach is to carefully vet each opportunity, looking not only at the potential for growth and profitability, but also at the people behind the company and their ability to execute on their vision. Our aim is to invest in companies that we believe have the greatest potential to generate significant returns for our investors, while also aligning with our values and long-term investment strategy. By maintaining a disciplined approach and focusing only on the most promising opportunities, we aim to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.


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